It skims all the damaged skin making skin fresh and smooth. Making this scrub at home only requires these two ingredients and a few minutes to apply. Set the larger part aside but keep the smaller part nearby. You can address all your skincare issues with the humble tomato. Another advantage of oatmeal – it soothes irritated skin. Also a wonderful exfoliator, it helps clear clogged skin pores and cleanses the face. Take one tomato and cut it in half. Apart from using tomato in face packs, there are plenty of benefits of eating tomatoes as well. Besides it’s one of the soft exfoliators. If you're dealing with a more advanced case of acne, you should try using a different tomato-based product instead of just rubbing the tomato on your breakout. Directions: Combine the sea salt and olive oil. Exfoliating the skin is essential for soft, glowing and rejuvenated skin. There are multiple scrubs present in the market, and you can pick up any scrub suitable for your skin. On the other hand, masking restores moisture and hydration to your skin while getting rid of bacteria that can lead to acne breakouts. Combining the exfoliating benefits of sugar and the antioxidant-rich tomato creates the ideal facial scrub to make at home. The acne-fighting elements of the tomato come from inside the skin, so rubbing the unpeeled fruit up against your face won't do anything for you. Squeeze the juice and in that juice add some sugar. Mix in the tomato … Tomato and Sugar facial scrub: Now this one is my favorite as this scrub is not a facial scrub but a body polishing scrub as well. Use the topical applications in combination with a healthy diet containing tomatoes to reap the maximum benefits of this wonderful fruit. 1. Do let us how it worked out for you. Pour out two tablespoons of iodized salt onto a plate or napkin. Rub an unpeeled tomato on your skin. Tomato sugar scrub is a perfect remedy for clearing dead cells and tanned skin that makes you look dull and aged. 1. Take a tomato and cut the top third off, near the stem. Take the small piece of tomato and rub it around a little in your hand to get the juices moving. Tomatoes are in fact the most cost-effective DIY beauty remedy. Read this article to find some amazing homemade scrubs, for the acne-prone skin, present in your kitchen which can give you healthy, shiny skin. Mix an acne scrub. Rich in Vitamin A, C and antioxidants, tomatoes are a natural cure to your acne and pimple problems. Except for Sensitive Skin, it can be tried with all other skin types. Along with removing dead cells, tomato scrub is the best facial scrub for relaxing and comforting your skin treating all skin problems. However, you can also make scrubs at home using ingredients from your kitchen. Tomato also has astringent properties which means it removes excess sebum. These will reflect on your skin if tomatoes are included in your regular diet. What You’ll Need: 1 tablespoon olive oil 2 tablespoons sea salt ½ tomato. This is great facial scrubs for oily acne-prone skin. I often use oatmeal in my mask recipes for the density of the mixture. If all those sound good to you, try to use a tomato scrub at least once a week. Tomato and sugar scrub Nope! Tomato scrub with oatmeal and baking soda meets these conditions, the more that we can successfully use them in the face mask for acne. Dip the wet edge of the tomato into the salt mixture. For tomato and brown sugar scrub + face mask will need: 2 tablespoon Tomato Pulp Exfoliation extracts and removes dirt buildup from your facial pores and also sloughs off the dead skin cells.