But now some korean of them are trying to break free of this rigid system. Ariana Kim. In fact, in a global survey by ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons), Korea comes within the top 10 countries with the highest cases of plastic surgeries done. This accentuates the eyebrows and gives the face a more polished look. Bae Jinyoung is known as the male idol with the smallest face in the industry. Japan vs. South Korea: Differences in Beauty Standards, Men, and Diversity photo credits: Jessica Shen and Danielle Fraser . The world as a whole is pushing towards a more generalized idea of appreciating natural beauty and embracing what we have. Korean men also have to follow certain norms to get readily accepted among the masses. Eating disorders involve intense emotions, attitudes, and behaviors surrounding weight and food issues. Yet, in … This kind of ‘man boobs’ usually occurs due to hormonal imbalances and is not harmful but can lead to psychological problems for men. And they become super conscious every time they have to take off their shoes in front of others. You don’t have to meet K-beauty standards. They tend to attract more attention from women because of such height and look presentable. In different parts of Asia, e. And if they want a permanent effect, then they can quickly go under the knife and do cheek reduction surgeries to get the job done. There is also a trend these days about attaining a ‘Chok Chok’ skin, which means a damp or moist skin and looks more youthful. These are non-surgical ways of increasing height. Someone with a dusky or tanned skin tone will not be considered as the ideal man in their society, so having fair and dewy skin is preferable. The pressure is so high that teenagers and youth are suffering from eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia, depression, and even self-hate. Eyebrows. Asians sometimes have a broad nose, which is not considered very pretty in Korea. Since this surgery involves restructuring the facial bone, it should only be done under the expertise of experienced surgeons. Everyone deals differently with the pressure to match society’s standards of beauty and health, and it is actually NOT healthy at all. Male artists from bands such as TOP, SHINEE, EXO, MONSTA X, etc. Bae Jinyoung's visuals have praised ever since his appearance on "Produce 101 Season 2". Korean beauty standards prioritize a slim figure, small face, v-shaped jaw, pale skin, straight eyebrows, flawless skin, and larger eyes. Small head: Can you fit 7 heads below your neck? Obviously, it isn’t that easy, cheap, or pain-free. Cha Eunwoo has a small face, fair skin, big eyes with double eyelids, a high nose bridge, and plump lips. Forehead. His. Beauty Standards all over the world have different definitions, and some have gone through significant transformations throughout the decades. Some youngsters with height paranoia have admitted to using 3 to 4 thick insoles inside their shoes to increase their height. secrets with the masses, which are quite extreme. ... 76% of South Korean men in their 20s and 66% of men in their 30s opposed the country's feminist movement. In fact, some of the major brands such as Sephora, Bobbi Brown, YSL have already made an excellent market presence as both men and women are ready to splurge on makeup.An average Korean man spends more on skincare and cosmetics when compared to men from other countries. A Korean friend of my once told me that Koreans don’t hold foreigners to their own standards, but rather “foreign” standards. About Danielle Fraser. She did all this to attain a slim body – achievable with tummy tucks or dieting. Greece. Some women also use some specialized tapes that are meant to give you that V-line jaw by sticking the tapes to the side of the face. Beauty Standards all over the world have different definitions, and some have gone through significant transformations throughout the decades. As the population has grown up embracing these ideals, the media also feeds them with the same fodder. South Korea has since become the epicenter of beauty, and K-pop men are now synonymous with cosmetics. Once a TV personality in Korea had said on live television that, “. Soobin is praised for his "flower visual", with people praising his clean and pure features. His visuals suit both Korean and Western beauty standards, earning praise worldwide. This kind of operation was initially used for disabled patients or accident cases with limb impairments, but these days, more and more Korean men are opting for limb lengthening surgeries to increase their height. The Korean beauty standard is shaping the world beauty standard. This statement became quite a controversy among the general public, with men … Males in South Korea spend more on skincare per person than men anywhere else in the world. This kind of surgery is called Rhinoplasty, and it gives a sharp arch to the nose and makes it look sleek and goes well with a v-line face. To protest the beauty standards they find damaging South Korean women choose to ban make-up, lipstick, dyed hair and cosmetic procedures, a billion-dollar industry in the country. Here Are K-Pop's Top 10 Female Visuals, According to Korea's Strict Beauty Standard, G-Dragon and Kim Junsu Join Suzy, Taeyeon, More as 'Korean Stars with Most Expensive Cars' Rankings by 'All Year Live', These are the Prettiest Idols with Monolid and Double-Eyelids, According to a Plastic Surgeon, iKON and SF9 in Talks to Participate in Mnet's 'Kingdom' + BTOB Reportedly Refuses to Join, Stylist Reveals the Secret to TWICE Dahyun’s Perfect Skin. Godfrey Gao stands at 1.93m. A beautiful male K-pop star usually have a fit body with a six pack and muscles. See, the Korean beauty standard isn’t so different than the West. Another most desired surgery among men is for a sharp v-line. He has been widely praised as the living, walking Korean beauty standard, checking every box off the list. They look unrealistically amazing that it's impossible to argue and think any different. They tend to attract more attention from women because of such height and look presentable. The increased interest in makeup and skincare products ties in with the new popular beauty standard: an androgynous pretty boy or "flower boy" look. However, for Korean beauty standards, a little shine never hurt anybody. In such a procedure, the surgeons carve out the upper body using liposuction instead of using implants. The world as a whole is pushing towards a more generalized idea of appreciating natural beauty and embracing what we have. Many Koreans are blessed naturally with ‘monolids,’ so they go through blepharoplasty or double eyelid plastic surgery. You have to be able to fit 7 heads below your neck to be considered beautiful. This plastic surgery is the most common among the population, and it is said that Teenagers are usually suggested to undergo these surgeries as a birthday or graduation gift. Lucas' beauty is undeniable - after all, he was accepted into SM Entertainment with just one modeling audition! Koreans like having a significant distance between the brows and the eyes. Specifically, a forehead that shows off a pronounced brow bone. They also have to face lots of prejudices if they don’t possess those certain ideals that make them look more presentable and appealing to women. Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder when the visuals of these male K-Pop idols are presented before us. They've set the standards much too high and we can only wonder how future K-Pop idols will be able to compete against such perfection. Along with that, they also like to have a full and round forehead with a more pronounced brow bone. It's no wonder he was named as the group's "Worldwide Handsome"! These Female Idols are Selected by Reporters as the 'Prettiest Stars in Real Life', These K-pop Groups Have the Most Music Show Wins through the Years, TREASURE, BTS, BLACKPINK, GOT7, and More: K-Pop Radar Releases 'Monthly Charts' for January 2021, aespa Releases Remake Song 'Forever' + MV Becomes Most Viewed in the Last 24 Hours, 6 Best Tips Based on Your Favorite K-Dramas to Dress for Every Occasion, EXO Sehun, BLACKPINK Jennie, and More: Elle Japan Selects K-Pop Stars Who are Fashion Icons, BTS V Tops The ‘100 Men in Fashion World 2020’ Rankings, K-Pop Stylists Accused of Relying Too Much on Designer Name Brands, BLACKPINK Jennie to Replace Suzy as The Face of Chum Churum Soju. While beauty is subjective, most entertainment agencies select trainees and who gets to debut with those standards in mind. In the United States the general beauty standards in women are: Tan skin Toned and thin body Large bust Small waist Full hips Long-bronzed legs Flawless complexion Full lips High cheekbones No … Many of the idols and pop stars showcase a sharp jawline, which increases their demand among the young men to look pretty like them. Such kind of skin is attained with lots of discipline by having lengthy skincare routines and maintaining it. While some opting for a more permanent solution in order to increase their height (both men and women) undergo limb-lengthening surgeries to add a few more inches. They are actually challenging the ideas towards the toxic masculinity that the rest of the world is so much in love with. With just one look, he can take your breath away! This statement became quite a controversy among the general public, with men feeling enraged, but the women started appreciating it. All these are aimed to remove dirt from the skin and keep it at bay. Knowing this, here are the top 10 male visuals in K-pop that have visuals in line with South Korea's strict beauty standards. In this kind of limb lengthening surgeries, healthy functioning bones such as the femur are broken, and titanium rods are inserted between them. It takes at least 3 to 5 months for the face to look completely normal. In 2015, a global survey by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons found that South Korea was the only East Asian country in the top 10 countries with the highest rate of cosmetic surgeries. Under this procedure, the jaw bone is shaved off to make the jawline look soft and more feminine. Just like women, Korean men are also usually seen with perfect skin that is smooth and pores less. Now, height is something that you cannot attain by just using exercises or special diets. Some of these beauty standards for men in Korea are: Men in Korea are looking for more options to maintain that youthful skin right into their 50s by using different kinds of treatments to remove wrinkles, fine lines, and preserving their beautiful skin. The male beauty market has reacted with exponential statistics: The number of men’s beauty products increased by more than 70% worldwide between 2012 and 2014. Ever since his debut, Jin has been praised for his visuals. © Copyright 2017 KpopStarz.com. Have you ever wondered that your eyelids may make a big difference in other’s perceptions about you or how you look at yourself. In the country, there are very specific features that are considered attractive and even the slightest deviation from it can be considered unattractive. Some clinics also use ultrasound devices and radio frequency devices to penetrate the skin and provide a facelift that lasts for at least two years. This surge may be the result of K-pop idols and their influence on the masses. Soobin has big eyes with double eyelids and aegyo-sal, straight eyebrows, fair skin, a high nose bridge, full lips, and a v-line jaw. This aesthetic entails a poreless, glowing complexion. People use contouring techniques to achieve that oval-shaped look along with a sharp v-line. His only disadvantages are the fact that he does not have double eyelids and his height, standing at 179cm tall. In Korea, this procedure is as easy as getting a manicure done. While V-line surgery for women involves facial contouring to achieve a small and slim v-line face, for men, the facial contouring surgery aims to make a more natural face line with masculine angles. On top of that, his height earns him more points, standing at 183cm tall. While masculinity has long been a prized trait in the nation’s traditional and highly patriarchal society, thanks to … They believe that such kind of nose doesn’t compliment the face, and it is always better to alter it by surgery. It is estimated that nearly 600 limb surgeries are done every year in Korea. This applies to both men and women. Having a slim and thin body is another mandatory thing among the masses in Korea. It enhances your eye bags, which is not usually liked by people in the west. The idol has full lips, big eyes with double eyelids, a sharp jawline, and a slim nose. The men of this country are no less. These days Koreans prefer more narrow and oval-shaped faces. This procedure gives the face a more symmetrical and photogenic look and is considered to be the ideal face by Korean citizens. With the presence of a multi-billion dollar cosmetic industry fuelling the needs of the growing generation of their country, going under the knife is like a visit to the dentist. The Korean beauty standard actually involves men wearing some makeup, too. He has been widely praised as the living, walking Korean beauty… Koreans love to have a light, fair, translucent and glossy skin that looks as clear as glass. In order to achieve such skin, men and women use multiple products and sometimes have lengthy beauty regimes. Having a considerable height is another favorable factor for men in Korea. That means the Korean beauty standard often involves plastic surgery, and there is no way around it. They have some unrealistic beauty standards for both men and women, which has made plastic surgery a billion-dollar business in the country. V is known as the BTS member with the biggest glow up, with people starting to notice his beauty a few years into BTS's career. Korea has mandatory national service and that moulded and defined … It's a fact that beauty standards and different perceptions vary a lot across the world, not to mention that each person has his own understanding. Men in other countries may hardly wear makeup on an everyday basis, but that is very contradictory in South Korea. Korean skincare products are becoming a rage all around the world as they indulge in skin lightening or removal of pores and many other remedies that are targeted to get that beautiful glowing skin. Let us look into the types of facial and body reconstruction (plastic surgery) they go through to conform to the norms of their society. He also stands at 187cm, giving him legs for days. Koreans prefer a small head size. Meaning a mix of media and the few foreigners they’ve met in Korea. Once a TV personality in Korea had said on live television that, “Men below 180 centimeters are losers“. Even though this kind of surgery may result in permanent numbness in the jaws or other complications, Men out there are still ready to go under the knife to look more appealing and perfect. Female Idols Who are Iconic Soju Models Then and Now: Which Star Would You Like to Have a Drink with? Your shoes may add an inch to your average height but not a few inches unless the men start walking on stilettoes. Propaganda images have for years presented beauty in the form of hard-working women, toiling away happily in the fields. Dieting, exercise, and having a rigid health regime are some options to get such an organization. Salons or beauty clinics can be found catering to male and female customers, both having the same kind of treatments. The West recreates this glow from layers of blinding highlighters that even Sharpie would approve. This is the second most common surgery in Korea after double eyelid surgery. There is no specific order within each tier. Taeyong has a small face with a v-shaped jaw, a high nose bridge, fair skin full lips, big eyes with double eyelids, and straight eyebrows. So far, similar to their Western counterparts. These standards of beauty in Korea may seem very unnatural for the rest of the world, but it is very much prevalent in their society and will stay for a long time. Despite all such risks, these surgeries are becoming more common among men as the availability of such procedures is welcomed all around the country. They can also wear so-called ‘elevator shoes,’ which have extra heels and padding that add a few inches to their height. Rowoon has a small face with a v-shaped jaw, big eyes with double eyelids, a high nose bridge, fair skin, and straight eyebrows. Some plastic surgery clinics offer specialized skin brightening treatments such as stem cell fat injections that are much more lasting than regular fat injections. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "af5f4d28ad74719b76c8d60701515261" );document.getElementById("cfce2319a0").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); PlasticSpot connects you with the best clinics nearby. Upon his first appearance on the show, he was praised for his visuals and was compared to other popular celebrities. He has features that are symmetrical and slightly exotic, making him captivating to people's eyes. Your email address will not be published. Men spend around USD 9000 to 20000 for such height increasing limb surgeries, and it has become a booming business for such clinics. Curvy Bodies. V has a small face, big eyes, plump lips, and a high nose bridge. In the face of opposition from both men and women, Korean feminists remain undaunted. You won’t usually find K-Pop idols or actors of short height, and this also puts more pressure on looking tall among the youth as these idols are symbolized as the perfect figure of how a man should be. Korean celebs are on a different level of enhancing their natural features to attain that flawless look. Please don't take this list too seriously. [17] Some women have stopped using any makeup, and they are raising their voices against these cultural idiocracies. Kpop Idols openly share their diet secrets with the masses, which are quite extreme. The Koreans have specialized the v-line surgery with their techniques. Some of them also like to have clear skin or honey skin. Some of these standards help them to take more care of their skin, spending bucks on skincare products while some are pushing them towards surgeries. The influence is so strong to look good always that they are fed all these concepts right from childhood. This is combined with a fashion - forward hairstyle and a serious clothing game. (NEW), slim body – achievable with tummy tucks or dieting, You have to be able to fit 7 heads below your neck to be considered beautiful, What to Do If You Have Gynecomastia? His only disadvantage is his height, standing at 175cm tall. Click here to get a consultation for free! Suits, luxury watches and a traditional strong male look were the norm. The Korean media emphasizes on being thin, and it is also encouraged by their pop idols or actors/actresses. In 2008, the Korean government abolished this law. Some will develop eating disorders — such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder. On top of that, he has legs for days, standing at 190.5cm tall. His one and only disadvantage is that he has an average-sized face. Very Good and fair skin – A Korean Beauty Standard also for Men! Everyone may not be blessed with a small but high arched shape, so in order to achieve that, they go through a surgical procedure called Rhinoplasty. Of course, this also means a having a Masculine Body in Korea. Korean male beauty standards are quite easy to figure out, you just need to look at their gorgeous male celebrities. All Rights Reserved. Achieving this kind of skin requires a 10-step beauty regime with various products and needs long term commitment from the user. The farther your eyebrows are from your eyes, the better. Kpop Idols openly share their diet. This kind of clear glossy skin is considered as a symbol of wealth and class, and people with brown or dusky skin tone are looked down upon. His disadvantages are his tanned skin, his uneven eyes (he has one monolid eye and one eye with double eyelids), his lack of a v-shaped jaw, and his height, standing at 178cm tall. The ratio is somewhat 1:8, which may seem to be a bit extreme for some. Right from advertisements on the subway about that perfect face and skin to tons of plastic surgery clinics operating in the country, the youth are running towards that dream face and body. They tend to attract more attention from women because of such height and look presentable. High eyebrows are … But you can also opt for a tummy tuck or abdominal liposuction, especially for those who want to get perfect results in a short time. Forget about contouring! Rowoon is SF9's visual as well as the group's acting and CF king. Just give us a try and get a free consulation. Korean women have started speaking out against these beauty standards using ‘Escape the corset’ movement. After this, an external support is attached with the legs so that the person can move around freely until the bones start regenerating themselves. One new movement, called “Escape The Corset,” calls for Korean women to fight unrealistic beauty standards, some of which require 10-step skincare regimes and hours applying makeup. In a society which remains deeply patriarchal, there can be consequences for South Korean women who don’t conform to beauty standards set by men. The market is filled with skin brightening creams, serums, BB creams, sunscreens, masks sheets that are filled with different kinds of nutrients that boost cell growth. Western beauty standards differ from region and nation. They feel that the tiny your head is, the better. In Korean beauty standards, people prefer fairer skin. Open sexuality. We find the best clinic for your personalized needs. This feature is also pervasive among Koreans who are trying to match the incredible Korean beauty standard, getting that sculpted, sharp jawline that gives a more polished and edgy look to the facial features. This kind of surgery can also correct both facial bone and soft tissues while adjusting the angle between lower and upper jaws and also retain the edge below the ear. What is The Korean Beauty Standard? Your email address will not be published. With the rise of K-pop bands such as BTS, who are termed as the biggest boy-band on the planet right now, Men wearing makeup and being proud of it is not going to be a rare vision anymore. In this process, they, This kind of skin is not only fair but also is. It costs somewhere around 1000$ – 3000$ and is less complicated than other surgeries with lesser recovery time. Are we even surprised that Cha Eunwoo topped this list? Some men may work out vigorously and attain those taunt muscled abs while some may not have enough time to exercise can opt for ‘six-pack surgery’ to get those heavenly abs. On top of that, he stands at 185cm tall, giving him model-like proportions. His only disadvantage is his height - in Korean standards, he is on the short side, standing at 173cm. She is taking some time off from her regular profession to nurture her passions for traveling, photography and writing. This surgery adds creases to the eyelids and makes the appearance of your eyes big and round. South Korea is infamous for having one of the world's strictest beauty standards. Korean beauty standards have become a well known feature of Korean culture. In Korea, it costs around USD 5000 – 10000, and in the US or Singapore, the costs maybe 4 to 5 times higher than this. Follow us on Instagram (@wishtrendtv) to be the first one to know about news, events, useful beauty tips + what goes on behind the scenes! Aug 02, 2016. Popular beauty standards like the aegyo sal look, v-shape face, chok chok skin, glass skin, pale skin and thin body type — all which have both Korean men, but particularly women, flocking to their goto cosmetic store and plastic surgeons for. Doctors who specialize in plastic surgeries state that they also cater to the needs of a high number of men who come in looking to get a high arched nose. His only disadvantage is that he is considered tan by Korean standards. Danielle Fraser is currently teaching English in South Korea. Additionally, about three quarters of South Korean men undertake a beauty or grooming treatment (from salon hair treatments to at-home facials) at … So, next time you admire the looks of Korean idols, whether they are men or women, don’t forget that those heavenly looks may be the result of some strenuous beauty regime, or they are the blessings of surgical clinics. CLC‘s Seunghee looks incredible with her curvaceous figure, something that is … That is also a reason why the average Korean spends so much on skincare and beauty products. The '50s were signified by the rockabilly style and Elvis Presley, tall … They feel that the tiny your head is, the better. Korean beauty standard is becoming a distinct characteristic of Korean culture. She did all this to attain a. In contrast, female beauty standards in North Korea have been defined by communist ideology, focusing less on products and more on a woman’s contributions to society. In order to make them look pretty and more presentable, it is very common for Korean men to be seen using foundations, concealers, BB and CC creams, setting powders, eyeliners, eye shadows, and lip tints. Korean beauty standards dictate that a full and round head is beautiful! Escape the corset: How South Koreans are pushing back against beauty standards. It takes somewhere around six months to get back to their everyday lives with an extra 5 to 6 inches to their precious height if you don’t face any complications. It attends to both domestic as well as international patients who come in for operations. This kind of skin is not only fair but also is poreless and translucent like glass. This is due in part to the massive popularity of Korean pop and TV drama stars who are inspiring them with their beauty looks and what they believe to be the perfect face. Moisturizers, primers, concealers, and foundations promise “oil control” and a “shine free” wear. The person saying it would almost always be a lot thinner than me. Having a considerable height is another favorable factor for men in Korea. Men opt for body procedures to enhance their muscles and to lose weight. Some of them even go through male breast reduction, which is very common among men. PlasticSpot connects you with top-rated local beauty practices in your area. In November 2018, a branch of the coffee shop franchise Yogerpresso fired a woman on her first day after she showed up with short hair and no makeup. They are shifting our focus towards the fact that makeup was designed for the face and body and not particularly for men or women. But it also has high-risk factors such as inability to walk or damaged pelvic bones and sometimes even death due to complications after the surgery. Additionally, Cha Eunwoo stands at 183cm tall, much above the average height in Korean beauty standards. The excess jaw bone is shaved off and is removed. His disadvantage is his tanned skin and the fact that he has a larger nose than what is desired.